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The gymnastics discipline of competitive trampoline and tumbling consists of four events: trampoline, power tumbling, double mini trampoline, and synchronized trampoline. Both girls & boys can compete in all four disciplines.


Although the sport originated in the early 1940’s, trampoline made its first debut in the 2000 olympic games in Sydney, Australia. At the elite level the sport consists of several multiple flipping multiple twisting somersaults in a single routine. At the elite level it is the combination of athletic prowess, technical complexity, and beauty that make the sport so fun to watch. It takes many years to finesse a trampolinist to the elite level.


Here in Minnesota we have a long-standing history of producing great senior elite athletes. We believe it starts at the early stages of the gymnast. In the beginning levels of competitive trampoline we promote having fun and being safe. Trampoline and tumbling offers many benefits for your kids through all levels including learning body control, discipline, balance, and spatial awareness. We have created this website for all in the Minnesota T&T community to come together and celebrate your kids and the sport we all love!